The legal basis for establishing the fees can be found in the Law no. 85/2006, the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 86/2006 and the Statute regarding the organization and practice of the insolvency practitioner profession.

Given that the insolvency proceedings apply to commercial companies, cooperative companies, cooperation organizations, agricultural companies, economic interest groups, as well as to any other private legal person who carries out economic activities, the fees are set according to the duties imposed on M&L Insolvency Services S.P.R.L. by the measures required, by the difficulty and magnitude of the case, the needs of the case, the necessity to travel, deadline, as well as to elements specific to each procedure.

The fees also depend equally on each of the following elements:

Time and workload required to execute the accepted mandate, the nature, the novelty and difficulty of the case, the importance of the interests involved, working with experts and other specialists required by the nature, scope, complexity and difficulty of the case, the benefits and results obtained for your profit as a result of the work carried out by our Company (by means of our Company).

It is also important to specify the fact that M&L Insolvency Services S.P.R.L is open to discussion and negotiation of the fees, with an option between a fixed fee, a success fee or a combination thereof.