About us

The foundation of M&L Insolvency Services SPRL is the obvious result of each associate’s experience of over 10 years in the reorganization and liquidation field. Working with renowned practitioners and large companies of the profile, first as lawyers and legal advisers, and subsequently as insolvency practitioners, without a doubt, led the associates to accumulate professional knowledge at the highest standard; such knowledge has been put to use during the insolvency proceedings they attended or they have prepared.

The Management of the Company is provided by Mihaela Alexandra Mingiuc and Adrian Lepadatu as Coordinators-Associates. Their efforts are focused on providing quality services in this tough area, with a strong impact on the economic and social environment. As a working model, M&L Insolvency Services has adopted a flexible, transparent style based on fast, prompt communication, and the participants in the procedure providing a high standard of professionalism, which should lead to more efficient legal measures in each case.

In continuous improvement and modernization of its work practices, the Company has relied on valuable collaboration with specialists, chartered accountants, economists, experts, evaluators, and last but not least, lawyers with vast experience in insolvency.

M&L Insolvency Services SPRL gives special attention to the reorganization possibilities. Due to the current economic situation and the oversaturation of the assets market, the reorganization appears to be a better solution for both the creditors and the debtor. Ensuring a good communication between creditors and debtors, suggesting viable solutions and searching for niche activities, are ways which lead – under crisis economic conditions – to a greater likelihood to satisfy the creditors, to preserve as many jobs as possible and to continue the projects commenced, but blocked at the moment.

An important reason why more and more businesses become insolvent is the failure to recover their receivables from third parties. In such situations, logistical and professional support can be provided by MINGIUC & PARTNERS, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, with an extensive experience in the recovery of claims, in civil and commercial law, an important player of the business law.